A health insurance policy covers the following basic costs in case of hospitalisation due to any accidents/ diseases which doesn’t form a part of the permanent exclusions of the policy.

• Room, boarding expenses as provided by the hospital/ nursing home
• Nursing expenses
• Surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultants, specialist fees
• Operation theatre charges, surgical appliance, medical and drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and similar expenses
One should note that while choosing the health insurance plans for self and family, one must focus on the number of network hospitals, claim percentage, ease of claim processing and company must have its own TPI.
These are the ones that one should typically opt for, whilst planning for family, one should avail a family floater which will be cost-efficient.
In this the health cover is availed cumulatively on the family members, more like an umbrella cover, typically there are no individual limits, any number of claims can be made during a year within the sum insured.
It makes sense to avail health cover earlier in life, age definitely affects insurance plan in terms of coverage as well as cost. The older you are, the costlier your health insurance premiums.

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