Portfolio Management Service is a customised professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The clients can be individuals or institutions entities with high net worth. In simple words, a portfolio management service provides professional management of your investments to create wealth.
Services provided to clients under our Portfolio Management Services are as follows :
• Recommendations of entry & exit based on detailed research and analysis of the market, economy and individual funds, schemes.
• Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
• Recommendations on insurance policies best suited to client requirements and needs.
• Monitoring of Unit Linked Insurance Policies with monthly updates and recommendations of top-ups and fund switches.
• Operational assistance and execution in terms of insurance policies – premium reminders, pick-up of cheques.
• A Relationship Manager, who will be the contact point for all queries, transactions and any kind of assistance.

Our Pre Investment Support will help you in following ways:
PAN Cards :- Pan card is mandatory for investing in Mutual Funds. We assist you in applying for the Permanent Account Number or even modifying details in your existing PAN.
KYC Compliance :- All assistance in complying with Know Your Customer norms which is mandatory for investing in Mutual Funds.
Mutual Fund Investment Advice :- Across 28 fund houses, backed by sound research; thereby giving you quality advice ensuring better returns.
Insurance Advisory :- Across 7 of the top companies, covering more than 80% of the current market. The right type of policy chosen to meet your needs.

Post- Investment Support:
• Operational Support : Filling application forms, ensuring execution, Change of Bank etc.
• Email and Phone Support : For any query on your Investments.
• Online Investment Monitoring : Anytime-Anywhere.
• Filing Income Tax returns : The BIG year end worry, now handled by experts.
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