Retirement is the time when you would like to spend your days doing what you love travel, live in the farm house, start a poultry farm, restaurant etc. However, there are many people who are not very comfortable about retirement planning that their regular income will then become irregular.
Everyone has to retire at some point from their working lives. Everyone has plans on how they will live their lives to the fullest then! We all know of inflation and how it affects our expenses, with each passing year. Imagine that you have a great retirement dream, but there is a cost attached to it, you know there won’t be regular income and expenses will continue to rise. Hence, I feel it becomes imperative that we start saving systematically to enjoy our retired life to the fullest.
Retirement planning in India
Research shows that most working people in India do not plan their savings towards retirement and believe that their current savings will be enough to take care of their post retirement needs. In a nuclear family structure, support in the old age is no longer easy and everyone has to be self content in their retirement years. Moreover, there is no social security system in the country. So it is crucial for individuals to realize that through a systematic retirement plan one can maintain their standard post-retirement lifestyle.
Starting early helps save more
It’s good if you start planning your finances early – your financial commitments are likely to be fewer, and hence you can salt away more. Planning at the early years of your career also helps compound the corpus many times by the time you retire.

Things to remember while planning for retirement
1: Decide how much income you require to live comfortably in your post-retirement years: Consider aspects like increased medical costs, vacations but reduce costs like children’s education and rent, if you own your home. You must map this income on basis of your current lifestyle.
2: Determine how much you need to save regularly, starting today, to have the right amount. Start allocating as much as you can towards your retirement kitty. In case you are currently not in a position to set apart the funds required, start with whatever is at your disposal. 3: Select the right retirement plan, which will help you meet your post-retirement requirements.
4: Start saving now! Then you will have time on your side and can enjoy the power of compounding.
5: Systematically invest a fixed amount every month for your post-retirement years and lead a tension free healthy retirement. Not only is retirement planning an essential aspect of one’s overall financial planning exercise but is also crucial to be commenced early in life. One must always remember that systematic and early retirement planning can help you reduce your financial burden incurred during the post retirement years and help you plan for a carefree and financially secured post retirement life today.
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