A Harvard study on employability says that 85% of one’s success at the workplace is attributed to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills. According to a latest survey of World Bank with FICCI & MHRD on Employability of graduates and Employer survey, it states that 64% of employers are not satisfied with the current fresher’s.
Irrespective of the size of the company, the economic sector, or region, Soft Skills (integrity, reliability, teamwork and willingness to learn) remain the important ones for the employers.

Do you feel that:
• You do all the hard work, but someone else gets the promotion due to your low interpersonal skills.
• Your thoughts are very clear, but you are not able to put them into words.
• You are always nervous while speaking in public.
• You avoid business gatherings and functions.
• You are not able to make friends.
• You are uncomfortable and don’t interact with strangers in meetings or conferences.

Excellence India can help YOU

Excellence India is an ISO Certified Finishing School, the first Corporate Finishing School in Odisha. The organisation is headed by Certified corporate trainer and soft skills trainer who has more than 12 years of experience in Training and academics. You just have to enrol for the Certificate Course in Soft Skills and Personality Development and you will be a confident person. Certificate Course in Soft Skills and Personality Development
(60 Hours , Rs.3600)

1. Goal setting
2. Personality Types
3. Power of Positive Attitude
4. Body Language
5. Grooming & Hygiene
6. Table Manners
7. Extempore
8. Presentation Skills
9. Teamwork
10. Self Motivation
11. Business Etiquette (Telephone and Email Etiquette)
12. Time Management

Importance of Soft Skills in 21st Century
Gone are the days when a Bachelor or Masters degree would act as a passport to a dream job for a young man or woman. Now-a-days, employers want more from employees.
What are these soft skills?
Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes that have the potential to make someone a good student and compatible with the requirements of academia. Put simply, they are the ways in which you talk, you move around, listen and present yourself. They are learned behaviours, which develop as a result of one’s willingness and commitment to understanding the emotions of oneself and others.
Research suggests that hard skills contribute a mere 15% to one’s skill success, compared to 85% that comprises soft skills. Employers want to select, retain and promote individuals who are dependable, resourceful, ethical and good communicators who are willing to work. Soft skills help to increase this and employability per se, which assists employees in their efforts to face the many challenges of the current time. Ideally, it is a combination of soft and hard skills that helps individuals to develop and maintain sustainable careers.

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